17 Question Gut Check: Am I an Ethical Shopper?

Before starting any journey it is always good know where you are actually starting.  I am a big fan of making lists of what I need to do in order to accomplish my short and long term goals. Whether you are wanting to learn more about ethical shopping or are seriously thinking of changing your consumption habits (wohoo!), this list of questions is a great place to start.

This list is in no way all encompassing but it is definitely a great start and much more than the typical consumer. Let these questions work for you as a guide

I'll have you know that after writing these questions, I did the survey myself and several co-workers and none of us were at 100% yeses so there is NO SHAME IN whatever you end up with.

We all have room to grow!


17 Question Gut Check: Am I an Ethical Shopper?


  1. I know what the slow fashion movement is.
  2. I know what the fair trade movement is.
  3. I understand what fair wage means.
  4. I understand what fair wage means
  5. I know what ethical fashion/consumerism means.
  6. I follow several ethical or conscious bloggers on social media.
  7. I promote conscious consumerism to my friends and family.
  8. I educate my children on the importance of making mindful purchases
  9. I research where and how most of my products are made before I purchase them.
  10. I frequently shop at brands that sell ethical, fair trade, and/or artisan made products.
  11. More than 50% of my wardrobe and household products are ethically made
  12. I routinely research new products to make sure my purchases are ethical
  13. I keep myself up to date on global issues
  14. I keep myself up to date on fashion trends and their global impact
  15. I often research the craft behind my favorite handcrafted techniques
  16. I understand the cultural/historical importance of my favorite handcrafted techniques
  17. I always value the technique and craft of a product over the price.


Whew! That wasn't so hard was it? It may have been eye opening to see what more you could be doing or learning about to officially call yourself an ethical shopper. But fear not! EVERY POST on this blog will help you get one step closer to whatever your goal may be. :)

Was there anything that surprised you? Is there something you read up on right after taking the survey? Was there something HUGE I missed? Let me know in the comments!


Happy Shopping!