Thoughts on Building Community

I am currently sitting outside of my hotel room at the entrancing Jasvilas hotel in Jaipur, getting ready for another day of meeting men and women who are are changing the world in a big way.

I have often felt I was in the fringes of several communities my whole life without every really engaging or seeking like a true member. Black woman. Traveler. Introverted activist. Partially because I am quite introverted and partially because I have hesitated with sharing my true self with others and even myself.

When I think about it, one of the few communities I actually feel apart of is the global community of some of the most reclusive corners of the world. From my time in college visiting a group of women who share their best chutney recipes while building a small weaving co-op, to a group of nutrition educators in the outskirts of Mysore, these fleeting moments are the foundation to the strongest bonds I have in this world.

One of the reasons I love working in the fair trade sphere is that there is such a large and diverse community that not only supports each other as individuals, but also common life goals to ensure everyone has the opportunity to achieve even the wildest of dreams.

By showing customers the immense value of a few purchases on artisan and ethically made products, I believe these international communities can flourish as one. As one individual takes pride in practicing a traditional weaving technique, another and feel honored to share the story and feel beautiful by wearing the finished piece.

Thank you for taking the time to build this community with me. I will be sharing stories of various artisan techniques, as well as the companies who sell products that showcase them, so I welcome you to subscribe so that you don't miss a single update.

Happy Shopping!