From Dreamer to Action

Who would have thought that a simple plan that I made in 2nd grade would actually shape the trajectory of my life for the next 20+ years!?! I remember looking at a kids world atlas in Ms. Brown's class fascinated by all the colorful landscapes food and people. This atlas was particularly interesting as it also had some information about culture. The world seemed to be a truly a magical place.

When I read a excerpt about how some kids in the "3rd world" can't always go to school, have play time, or even eat - something sparked in me that has since yet to rest. I didn't know how, but I had to help these beautiful kids that I wasn't even sure I would ever meet.  Every child has the right to access to education and well being, and this was common sense to me at the age of 7. 

Fast-forward to junior year sometime in the summer when I had the urge to travel abroad. I wanted to see if I had what it took to be on my own, making my own decision, and FINALLY feeling like I was living through passion by helping others. I found a week long service learning trip for teens to go to Guatemala. While the "service" part of the t

College opened almost every door imaginable to learn about fair trade and more in all sectors; agriculture, fashion, small business, handmade goods. In addition, I was able to travel to Brazil for Rio + 20 to advocate for those I have carried in my heart along the way. 

All this to say poverty alleviation has been a mission ingrained in my being since I knew there was such a thing as a socioeconomic gap (while not in so many words) and I have a feeling I will never tame my will to help until a child's world atlas no longer has to mention these harsh realities. 

Conscious Capitalism 101

So here we are, at the start of Ethically Curated: a movement to provide customers with everything they need to be an informed conscious consumer. As much as I hate to admit it, capitalism flows through my blood just as easily as oxygen, but this does not mean I have to stand idly by as traditional consumer behavior ails most of the world.

Every dollar we spend can change someone's life. I have seen this first hand several times over; whether its being the first customer at a 10 year-old's lemonade stand or providing the largest order an artisan in a dying craft has ever seen.  Let's stop dreaming of a better world and start building it one day at a time!