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What do you feel when you hear the words “self care”? 

Do those words feel like a luxury? A far-off dream? Or maybe even a little selfish?  

We believe that self care is essential—and that it can be simple, fun, and fair for all.

Whether you have 5 minutes, 5 seconds, or a whole afternoon, you deserve to be celebrated and cherished, just as you cherish the people in your life.

That’s why we created SHANAE, a line of ethically sourced and sustainable products designed to help you care for yourself—while caring for people across the globe and the planet, too. 

From personal care items made right in our kitchen to artisan made accessories from around the world, our curated collection of products and resources are here to guide you as you start or grow your self care routine. 


Our commitment to “Self Care for Good” means that love is at the beginning and end of our model. By shopping SHANAE, you aren’t just supporting your own careyou’re also supporting our mission to create a positive impact around the globe. 

Fair + Sustainable Sourcing

All ingredients are ethically sourced and packaging is compostable or reusable to keep it clean for people and planet. 

Black Owned Business

As a black owned business, we partner with other black and minority owned businesses to keep black earned dollars circulating in the community. 

Handmade with Love

Products are all handmade just for you in our cozy kitchen in the US or by exceptional artisans in Africa and Asia.

Community Giveback

Your purchase contributes to monthly donations to ensure people in BIPOC communities have access to therapy.

Making it simple to take care of yourself while taking care of others, too? We call that a win-win.


Brie Anna Faye SHANAE founder about is

SHANAE (shu-NAY) is a Hebrew name meaning God is gracious. My sweet momma, Gwendolyn Shanae, embodied this idea fully by extending grace to others unconditionally. But even as a constant beacon of joy and the life of the party, Mom was often left running on empty when it came time to take care of herself. 


Just as we are moved to be gracious to others, so should we be to ourselves.

As the daughter of Shanae, I was brought up to believe in caring for others before oneself. We are the descendants of a long line of women who are still remembered as giving to others selflessly without checking in with ourselves. What we once thought was an admirable trait has also led many of us to knowing when or how to rest and cherish ourselves. Although we are all strong women, we do not often acknowledge or celebrate who we are and the magic we bring into existence.

In my efforts to pursue a career in advocating for women in marginalized communities, I found myself traveling all over the world connecting with extraordinary artisans and community leaders. While encouraging others to embrace their inherent value, I once again realized I had not embraced my own. When I reflected on my family’s history, I could see that there had been a generational lack of self-compassion. I decided that I wanted that cycle to stop with me. 

I set off to learn more about what self care truly means. But most of what I found in my exploration made me feel like self care was a time-consuming luxury I couldn’t afford, especially with a full schedule. I wanted something that would inspire me to spend intentional time each day to thank my body and quiet my mind, even for just a few minutes. I also wanted the products I used to not just help me care for myself, but to care for other people and the planet too. As my list of “musts” grew, it soon became clear that I was searching for a self care unicorn. But I didn’t give up; instead, I got creative.

Armed with a knowledge of basic biochemistry and years of ethical sourcing experience, I headed to the kitchen and whipped up my first batch of products. While trying out my creations, I recited blessings to my body and thanked myself for using this moment to nourish myself and rest. 

As I shared my journey with others, I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one looking for a self care unicorn. With that realization, I launched the SHANAE brand, driven by a mission of making self care simple, fun, and fair for all

Our brand is dedicated to the legacy of Gwendolyn Shanae, being a reminder to bring grace to ourselves so we can continue to be a light for others for today and tomorrow. It’s what we like to call Self Care for Good.