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We believe that self care can be a powerful force for good--for people, communities and the planet. That’s why we ethically source our ingredients from partners who are committed to paying fair wages, creating safe work conditions, and empowering marginalized communities through dignified work. It’s also why we’ve made environmental sustainability essential to every step of our process, from production to packaging. 


Baraka Shea Butter, Ghana

Ethical self care - shea butter

To create our luscious body butters, we source 100% natural, unrefined shea butter from Baraka, a business that creates work for women in Ghana. The people of northern Ghana have been making shea butter for centuries to protect their skin from the harsh winds of the Sahara. The women of Baraka use these traditional techniques to create a natural shea butter that is pure, rich and supremely nourishing.

And to ensure that their practices are environmentally sustainable, the women harvest only about 15% of fallen shea fruits to use in making their shea butter, leaving the rest to take root and grow into shea trees.

All Baraka shea butter is Community Certified Fair Trade, and meets an incredible high standard for compensation, transparency, community support and respectful working conditions. The women of Baraka have a seat at the table when it comes to negotiating prices for their products and determining priorities for the business’s community development initiatives. 


Bright Endeavors, USA

We believe in empowering and uplifting women and families at every step of our business. That’s why we love getting to partner with Bright Endeavors to create our luxurious, hand-poured candles. Bright Endeavors aims to empower young moms, their kids, and their communities by providing job training and fair work to young women working to support their families. 

With their 16 week paid job training program, Bright Endeavors helps young moms reach their full potential by developing the confidence, skills and network they need to succeed in the workforce. Since 2010, the organization has provided job training to over 600 young women. And that’s not all--employed graduates increase their monthly income by an average of 450%!

Aura Cacia Essential Oils, USA

We know that how essential oils are sourced matters. That’s why we thoughtfully source our high quality oils from Aura Cacia, a socially conscious brand that uses only simple and pure botanical ingredients, sourced sustainably. Aura Cacia cultivates direct relationships with growers around the world to find the best botanicals where they grow naturally. 

Through their Positive Change Project, Aura Cacia supports programs that enable disadvantaged women and girls become more self-sufficient, live healthfully and purposefully, and develop positive self-image. Since its creation in 2016, the Positive Change Project has contributed over $900,000 to help women and girls make positive changes in their lives

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